Learning to learn

Taking up new 'habit forming' challenges each month

I challenge myself every month in learning a skill and sharing my analysis and research. I also eagerly write about topics that fascinates me and disseminate my thoughts and ideas.

Latest posts

My Key Takeaways from 2019

In this post, I have summarized my key takeaways from the departing year 2019.

Skill Drill Challenge 5 - Learning the art of caricature

This month it all about caricatures and how to be able to create visually appealing and funny drawings and illustrations.

Developing open source contribution habit and learning the basics of NodeJS

This month I have taken both challenges related to software development, the aim being to upgrade some skills and engaging more with the development community.

Learning the basics of Animation and the art of meditation

Understanding the principles of animation behind amazing Pixar movies and familiarizing with the science of meditation