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Two Skills a Month Challenge 2 Report - French Basics and Memorizing a deck of card in 5 mins

In August, I test my abilities in learning some basic French phrases and words as well as memorizing a complete deck of cards in under 5 mins. I shall review my progress in this post.

Learning to memorize a shuffled deck of playing cards within 5 mins and mastering French basics

Stepping into the shoes of a memory athlete this month to explore my memory threshold and dive into some new language learning for the 1st time.

Two Skills a Month Challenge 1 Report - Speed typing and pitch perfect skills

I took up two challenges for the introductory month. I will try to describe what have I learnt from research, practice and failures during the same period on inheriting new skills.

A simple yet remarkable learning principle from a genius - The Feynman Technique

From having hardly any knowledge to being comfortable with any subject of interest. Learning to learn more effectively!

Wake up the good designer in you – How good design can change your life

ABCD - Any body can design. So can you! Read how you can make your work look more appealing by knowing some design basics.

Challenging myself to be a pro at typing and developing a pitch-perfect ear

My first post on the two skills a month challenge. I am starting with becoming fluid at typing and having a pitch perfect ear challenge.